DR. Who Hunt

DR. Who Hunt

Will be participating in the DR Who hunt with a unisex outfit. Will post pics later tonight after finding 2 willing toddleedoo models. Hunt is by Sparkles & Giggles and runs Nov. 15 thru Dec 15. Also be on the look out for the Jingles hunt for parents and kids =D


The Panda made me do it

The Panda made me do it

No matter the mischief, your son or daughter will just be too cute to punish in this Unisex Panda Pajamas with panda night cap.

Monkeys Jumping on a Bed

Monkeys Jumping on a Bed

2 little monkeys jumping on a bed….don’t let these adorable orange unisex monkey pajamas fall off the bed. Perfect for your little toddleedoo monkeys in second life.

Keep warm with Flannel On

Keep warm with Flannel On

Shades of red and peach flannel footed pajamas will keep all the second life toddleedoo kids and babies warm this fall and winter.

MoOoOoOo Unisex Pajamas

MoOoOoOo Unisex Pajamas

What does the cow say? MoOoOoOo Be spotted in brown and white cow print footed pajamas for toddleedoo kid and baby second life avatars.

Unisex Bunneh FooFoo Footed Jammies

Unisex Bunneh FooFoo Footed Jammies

Little bunneh foofoo we all want to see you in these awesome unisex pajamas for toddleedoo kid and baby.